Our Core Values

1. Biblical Authority - We acknowledge the Word of God as our final authority for doctrine and practice. 

2. Desperate Prayer - We readily admit our complete dependence on God to change lives and circumstances for His glory.  We rely on corporate and private prayer for communion with God and a source of spiritual power in life and ministry.

3. Spirit-led Worship - In corporate and personal worship, we seek to glorify God by intentionally exalting Who He is and praising Him for what He's done.

4. Authentic Community - We commit to pursue the living out of the "one another" commands of Scripture in a unified, redemptive community.

5. Loving People - We believe in the God-given uniqueness and dignity of every human life and will recognize the eternal value of each person by treating all individuals with love and respect.

6. Genuine hospitality - We purpose to cultivate an atmosphere of sincere friendliness in which everyone feels welcome.

7. Extravagant generosity - We chose to be rich in giving.  When we see a need, we will step forward to meet it, offering resources as a means of help,

8. Intentional Faith Development - We desire that all people should come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and mature in Christlikenness.  We will use many different methods to evangelize, disciple, and equip people to cultivate their relationship with Christ and reach others.

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